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The NOAC 2018 Exemplar ceremony videos have been posted to the Induction and Ceremony Events Portal: Arromen, please direct
Several Lodges in our Section have launched their registration!! Are you signed up for this great event yet? Ka’Niss Ma’Ingan
As you all know our organization is on a decline, and its up to us to change where we are
Brothers, In recent years, youth membership in the Order of the Arrow has declined significantly — down 18 percent since
Are you excited about going to NOAC 2020, but unsure how your lodge can raise enough money? Hopefully your lodge
Ripley Rendezvous 2019 will be held the Camp Ripley Army National Guard Training Facility, Camp Ripley, Little Falls, MN. This spring time
Hi everyone - our May Council of Chiefs will be our onsite preview for Section Conclave. We’ll be at Northern
  Section C-1A’s Lodge Partnership Program brought the Pa-Hin Lodge and Naguonabe Lodge’s together for a joint service project weekend.