Inductions Ceremony Resources Published!

The NOAC 2018 Exemplar ceremony videos have been posted to the Induction and Ceremony Events Portal:

Arromen, please direct your brothers to these great resources so that ceremonialists around the country can learn, grow, and improve their presentation of the ceremony for our candidates.


The Exemplar Program

The national Exemplar Recognition program challenges Arrowmen to develop role model skills in ceremonial service. Selected teams must consistently demonstrate near-perfect memorization and excellence in five additional skills, both in advance (on video) and in person (at a National Order of the Arrow Conference).

The 2018 finalists conducted their ceremonies and received evaluations at NOAC in front of large audiences of Arrowmen. Their cheerful service inspired and trained the many attendees who saw both their ceremonies and the feedback from expert evaluators. Now, ceremonialists throughout the Order can also view these Exemplar ceremonies along with the ceremonialists’ candid commentary.

Please note that the ceremonial texts these Exemplar ceremonialists used in their demonstrations are a now-outdated edition; the latest edition of the ceremonial texts can be found here on the Inductions Portal. Please keep this in mind as you view these videos and prepare for your own ceremonial work.

The Exemplar Ceremonies

The Exemplar teams agreed to allow their NOAC ceremonies to be posted online here on the Inductions Portal, to benefit any ceremonialist or adviser seeking good examples, new ideas, or simply inspiration.

No ceremony is ever perfect, and these teams will tell you theirs isn’t, either. But their devotion to candidates shines through even under the stress of an audience, multiple cameras, and a sleepless week of packed NOAC activity. Further, as you view these, remember that there is often more than one way to gesture effectively or to speak expressively in order to personify a principal. What you will see here is just how these ceremonialists chose to do express the words of the ceremonies—in harmony with their own strengths and personalities, but always mindful to personify the Order’s virtues through their principals.

After viewing these Exemplar models, you can—and should!—make your own choices on how to best exemplify your principal and convey the ceremony’s message to your candidates.

These resources are password-protected using Ordeal and Brotherhood level safeguarding. Please keep them safeguarded.

Section Conclave Registration is now Available!!

Several Lodges in our Section have launched their registration!!

Are you signed up for this great event yet?

Ka’Niss Ma’Ingan Lodge Registration:

Pa-Hin Lodge Registration:

Totanhan Nakaha Lodge Registration:

Naguonabe Lodge Registration:

Tetonwana Lodge Registration:

Wahpekute Lodge Registration:

Registration Coming Soon

·         Crazy Horse Lodge

Thrive: A National Webinar

As you all know our organization is on a decline, and its up to us to change where we are headed. National has put together an event that aims to change that, and give us all valuable tools to help our lodges become high preforming. It will take place October 19th (from 1-5 pm EST).
We are asking that the Lodge Executive Committee from each Lodge attend this webinar. It is crucial that you all attend this event and promote it to your Lodges. National plans on sending out emails in the near future with more details, and information on how to set up a viewing party. This may be one of the most important things our organization has ever done. 

Contact your Lodge Leadership to see how you can attend the Thrive webinar!

National Committee: Immediate Policy Changes


In recent years, youth membership in the Order of the Arrow has declined significantly — down 18 percent since 2015. These changes have impacted lodges, and their ability to support councils and deliver program.

The Order must grow, alongside the Scouting movement, to achieve its purpose. The best way to do this is through supporting a “High Performing Lodge” in each council. To help achieve this aim, the national OA committee approved several, significant policy changes at today’s meeting:

  • Brotherhood Requirements: Effective immediately, the waiting period between induction and eligibility for Brotherhood membership has been reduced to six (6) months. All other requirements are unchanged.
  • Journey to Excellence (JTE): The lodge program is being discontinued and immediately replaced with the new Performance Measurement Program. There are a small number of requirements and clear benchmarks for lodge achievement. The requirements are consistent with the former JTE to align with your lodge planning.
  • Purpose of the Section: Effectively immediately, the role of the Section has been expanded beyond hosting an annual Conclave. Sections share in the responsibility of empowering, supporting, and helping lodges become high performing.

The Lodge Ledger will have more detailed information on these changes and other new programs and policies approved at the meeting. They will also be covered extensively during Thrive, the national OA webinar, on October 19.

If there are questions on these changes, or feedback on how to better support your lodge, please contact either Vice Chairman of Unit, Lodge, and Chapter Support Dan McCarthy or myself at

Thank you for all you do to make our Brotherhood stronger each day.

Ed Lynes
Vice Chairman of Strategic Performance
National Order of the Arrow Committee


OA Today


Section C-1A’s Lodge Partnership Program brought the Pa-Hin Lodge and Naguonabe Lodge’s together for a joint service project weekend. Read more about this innovative event here!

This year is full of exciting events, such as Philbreak 2019, the second OA Hackathon and Focus 2019. Learn more about them here.


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