THE 20/20 CHALLENGE–CALLOUT #4   Time to Get Lodge Members Signed UP!!

OA_Tagline_AlternateIn mid-August, the national office will send out NOAC registration information to the LODGE KEY THREE on record (make sure your information is up to date) and mail a hard copy to the Council Service Center.  Starting on October 1, lodges will be able to sign up Arrowmen to attend.

Now is the time to plan how you will launch your recruiting effort. While your lodge may not know the final cost for your contingent, most lodges use a nominal deposit to guarantee a NOAC slot—usually about $100, which is normally refundable.  Lodges can gauge interest based on those deposits and determine how many slots to reserve.  There is no need to transmit funds for those deposits, because National will bill the council office directly for all money due for each attendee slot reserved. As a reminder, there are no quotas or limitations for attendance, as long as the lodge brings as many youth arrowmen (up to age 21) as adults (21 and older.  Most lodges bring many more youth than adults and have used the fundraising ideas communicated in Callout #2 as a means to do just that!!

The Contingent Leader and Lodge Chief should prepare and do a presentation on NOAC 2020 at their next lodge event.  Some of what they will want to share was included in CALLOUT #3. In addition to the details of dates, location and costs, it is recommended that the presentation include details of what to expect at NOAC.  Comments from arrowmen from your lodge who have attended NOAC before can be very helpful in this regard.  Typical NOAC items to be covered would be: nightly shows, ceremonial competition, athletic events, dining hall food (EXCELLENT AT MICHIGAN STATE), the OA Museum attractions, patch trading, trading post, Indian events, VIA Luncheons, and Founders Day activities.  At your next lodge function, each Contingent Leader and Lodge Chief should be sure to talk about the different aspects of a NOAC that would appeal to your Arrowmen!

As an additional resource for typical NOAC information, utilize  A new website, , will be in service by late August as the site for the most up to date information available.  Future CALLOUTS will feature a number of these topics beginning in February 2020 once the Section Chiefs meet in late December 2019 and finalize specifics on program elements.

It is not too early to communicate in the next several days to all the members of your lodge where and when the NOAC sign up will begin.  It is never too early to provide your lodge membership everything they need to know NOW about NOAC 2020.

August 3-8, 2020 Michigan State University

Conclave Special Guest – Central Region Chief Brandon Stahl!

Stahl_BrandonThis year we have the privilege of hosting our 2019 Central Region Chief Brandon Stahl! Join Brandon as he canoes at Charles L Sommers Canoe Base, enjoys awesome training, and has a blast at the Voyageur’s Fair!

Brandon hails from Mishawaka, Indiana where he is a Vigil Honor member from Sakima Lodge of the LaSalle Council.  Brandon had the unique opportunity of serving as a lodge chief, section chief, and as your new Region Chief all in the same year.  Brandon is expecting to study political science in hopes to be a Foreign Service Officer for the US State Department.

Special Discount for New Members! $10 Off

SectionConclave_2019_PatchThat’s Right — there’s a special discount for any Arrowman who was inducted in the last year (after September 9, 2018).

If you’ve been in the OA for less than a year, take $10 off your registration! Your special price is $30 if registered prior to Sept 1st, or $40 if registered on or after Sept 1st. 

Are you being inducted this August? Don’t forget to sign-up for the great, fun weekend at Section Conclave at the discounted price for new members.

Wondering whether you you attend Conclave? Check out our Section Conclave page for up-to-date information on what’s happening at Conclave!

Make sure to register with your Lodge Today!

2019 – 2020 Section Officer Candidate Information

Have you been really involved in the Order and your Lodge? Are you looking for a different experience that can keep you involved, yet offer new challenges? If so, then you should consider becoming a Section C-1A Officer.

Officer Responsibilities:

2018-2019_Section_Officers.JPGChief: Presides over meetings of the Council of Chiefs. He or She provides leadership and motivation at all functions and represents the Section at Area, Regional, and National functions to which she or he is invited. Partners with Lodge Chiefs to coach and build relationships among the Chiefs. 

Vice Chief: Fills in for the Chief as needed, ensures the Section Conclave is promoted in each of the Lodges, and chairs the Lodge Assistance Program. Supports the Lodges through attendance at Winter Fellowships, Lodge Leadership Development, or other programs as needed. 

Secretary: Takes minutes for all meetings and keeps up-to-date roster of the Council of Chiefs. Supports the Lodges through attendance at Winter Fellowships, Lodge Leadership Development, or other programs as needed.

Officer Candidate Requirements – in order to run for Section Officer, candidate must:

  • Be under the age of 21 for the entire term of office (Sept 8, 2019 – Oct 4, 2020)
  • Be a registered member of the BSA in good standing in a Lodge and Council within the Section boundaries.
  • Obtain in advance a written letter of approval from your Scout Executive. All interested candidates must turn this letter (or email) in to the Section Adviser, Nick Pedersen, by noon Saturday, Sept 7
  • Section Officers must attend four meetings each year. Necessary transportation and housing will be provided. The meetings are:
    • Section Officer Training Seminar (November 14-17th, 2019, departing early am on Thursday returning late pm on Sunday)
    • Winter Council of Chiefs Meeting (January 31st – February 1st, 2020)
    • Spring Council of Chiefs Meeting (April TBD, 2020)
    • 2019 Section C-1A Conclave (October 2-4, 2020)

Candidates for any of the Section Officer positions must commit to attend all of these meetings if they are elected. In addition, the Chief needs to represent the Section at the National Planning Meeting held December 27-30, 2019.




Do you Canoe?

One of the many events happening at Section C-1A Conclave “Voyageurs: Adventure is Out There” includes canoeing around the Boundary Waters. canoe_Tier

Activities include guided canoe tours with interpreter staff, self-guided tours, and canoe competitions!

REMINDER: All participants need to bring a swim test form or Summer Camp Buddy Tag to the event as swim tests will not be done at Conclave.

Inductions Ceremony Resources Published!

The NOAC 2018 Exemplar ceremony videos have been posted to the Induction and Ceremony Events Portal:

Arromen, please direct your brothers to these great resources so that ceremonialists around the country can learn, grow, and improve their presentation of the ceremony for our candidates.


The Exemplar Program

The national Exemplar Recognition program challenges Arrowmen to develop role model skills in ceremonial service. Selected teams must consistently demonstrate near-perfect memorization and excellence in five additional skills, both in advance (on video) and in person (at a National Order of the Arrow Conference).

The 2018 finalists conducted their ceremonies and received evaluations at NOAC in front of large audiences of Arrowmen. Their cheerful service inspired and trained the many attendees who saw both their ceremonies and the feedback from expert evaluators. Now, ceremonialists throughout the Order can also view these Exemplar ceremonies along with the ceremonialists’ candid commentary.

Please note that the ceremonial texts these Exemplar ceremonialists used in their demonstrations are a now-outdated edition; the latest edition of the ceremonial texts can be found here on the Inductions Portal. Please keep this in mind as you view these videos and prepare for your own ceremonial work.

The Exemplar Ceremonies

The Exemplar teams agreed to allow their NOAC ceremonies to be posted online here on the Inductions Portal, to benefit any ceremonialist or adviser seeking good examples, new ideas, or simply inspiration.

No ceremony is ever perfect, and these teams will tell you theirs isn’t, either. But their devotion to candidates shines through even under the stress of an audience, multiple cameras, and a sleepless week of packed NOAC activity. Further, as you view these, remember that there is often more than one way to gesture effectively or to speak expressively in order to personify a principal. What you will see here is just how these ceremonialists chose to do express the words of the ceremonies—in harmony with their own strengths and personalities, but always mindful to personify the Order’s virtues through their principals.

After viewing these Exemplar models, you can—and should!—make your own choices on how to best exemplify your principal and convey the ceremony’s message to your candidates.

These resources are password-protected using Ordeal and Brotherhood level safeguarding. Please keep them safeguarded.

Section Conclave Registration is now Available!!

Several Lodges in our Section have launched their registration!!

Are you signed up for this great event yet?

Ka’Niss Ma’Ingan Lodge Registration:

Pa-Hin Lodge Registration:

Totanhan Nakaha Lodge Registration:

Naguonabe Lodge Registration:

Tetonwana Lodge Registration:

Wahpekute Lodge Registration:

Registration Coming Soon

·         Crazy Horse Lodge

Thrive: A National Webinar

As you all know our organization is on a decline, and its up to us to change where we are headed. National has put together an event that aims to change that, and give us all valuable tools to help our lodges become high preforming. It will take place October 19th (from 1-5 pm EST).
We are asking that the Lodge Executive Committee from each Lodge attend this webinar. It is crucial that you all attend this event and promote it to your Lodges. National plans on sending out emails in the near future with more details, and information on how to set up a viewing party. This may be one of the most important things our organization has ever done. 

Contact your Lodge Leadership to see how you can attend the Thrive webinar!