Maury Clancy Indian Campership Fund

Maury Clancy Indian Campership Fund

History and Overview

      The Maury Clancy Indian Campership Fund was created in 1971 to memorialize a long time member of the National Order of the Arrow Committee Maurice Clancy. Mr. Clancy was a Distinguished Service Award recipient and is described as a avid expert in the Native American culture who dedicated much of his time and effort to the Order, and how it can better serve First Nations People. The fund was made to aid Native American Boy Scouts who wanted to attend council resident camps but didn’t have the financial means to do so.


     According to the National Order of the Arrow Website: “Campership funds provide up to 50% of the cost of one week at an accredited Boy Scouts of America long-term camp. To be eligible, a youth must be recognized as being of American Indian heritage. The application must be filled out and signed by the Scout Executive by March 31st of each year. The campership is funded by donations from lodges that may also contribute through their section. Additionally, donations are often taken at section conclaves and region National Leadership Seminars” (Order of the Arrow, BSA).

The Role of Section C-1A and Our Lodges

     Every year, the Council of Chiefs for Section C-1A allocates $200.00 in its annual operating budget as a donation to the fund. The Section also hosts a fundraiser every year at Section Conclave in the form of a Pie in the Face. All revenue generated from that widely enjoyed and loved activity are donated to the fund as well. Each lodge in the section is encouraged to donate to and make use of the wonderful benefits of the Maury Clancy Fund. If you are interested in learning more about how to apply for the scholarship or how to make a donation please contact the Section Chief or the Section Adviser (Nick Pedersen).

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