Section Officer Elections for Saturday, Oct 3rd @ 7pm

Election modifications due to virtual election

  • Elections will be held via Zoom during the scheduled “Election” time period on Saturday.
  • Each candidate will be asked to provide a short 2 min introduction video and a 30 second video to answer pre-determined questions. Both of these videos are requested to be provided to Kyle Roberts ( by 9 am Saturday morning for preview and preparation for streaming on Zoom.
    • Introduction video – This would be similar to what the candidate would say if they were on stage at conclave making their pitch for office. A candidate can supply ONE video for all positions they run for if they need to run for multiple positions OR they can supply one video per position they plan to run for.
    • 30 sec Question Video – On Friday night the current section officers will decide on 1-2 questions that they will provide to all individuals who have announced their intention to run for office and ask that each candidate answer those questions in a short 30 sec pre-recorded video.
  • Ballots will be collected via Google Form. Saturday morning we will send out the form to each LODGE CHIEF or their APPOINTED DESIGNEE. They will be the only individual from each lodge given access to the google dropbox that we intend the lodges to cast their ballots to.
    • IMPORTANT – Lodge Advisers will need to confirm the Chief or Designee to the Section Adviser prior to Saturday morning.
  • There will be no “nominations” at the beginning of each position election. Instead for those who have met the requirements for running for office, we are asking they inform the section advisers which position(s) they plan to run for so that we can include them as part of the ballot for elections and make sure their video is added to that position listing. Please have the candidate indicate his/her intentions of which position(s) they plan to run for during the Officer Candidate Lunch meeting from 1:30-2:00 pm on Saturday

Elections will be livestreamed via Facebook. So, we ask if an adult is able to watch the elections via Facebook that would be our preference to limit the number of individuals within the zoom call for breakout sessions.


Election Procedures

  • At the beginning of the elections we will ask all attendees (youth and adults) to change their zoom name to the following structure:
    • (Y/A) – (Lodge) – Name
    • First Letter Abbreviation
      • Y – Youth (Anyone under 21)
      • A – Adults (Anyone 21 and over)
    • Lodge Abbreviations:
      • TNL – Totanhan Nakaha Lodge
      • PaH – Pa-Hin
      • Wah – Wahpekute
      • Nau – Naguonabe
      • Tet – Tetonwana
      • CHL – Crazy Horse
      • KaN – Ka’niss Ma’ingan
    • Examples:
      • Y-(three letter abbreviation of lodge name)-(Name)
        • Y-PaH-Evan Schroeder
      • A-(three letter abbreviation of lodge name)-(Name)
        • A-TNL-Nick Pedersen


  • Upon opening each position election, we will send the candidates to a separate breakout room in zoom while we play their introduction video and responses to the pre-determined questions for all other attendees.
  • After the videos are concluded, all youth and ONE adult (Lodge Adviser or designee) will be broken out into separate breakout rooms by lodge to discussion how they will be casting their 10 votes.
    • If you as the lodge adviser is not able to attend the elections please indicate which adult you would like as your designee to monitor the breakout discussion.
    • All other adults that are on the zoom meeting will either be left in the main room to socialize or sent to a separate “Adult” breakout room.
  • Once your lodge has determined how they will vote, the lodge chief/designee will submit their ballot to the google form dropbox for the Section Advisers to count the votes and determine the results.
    • If an individual obtains a majority of the votes, we will close all of the breakout rooms to bring all participants, including the candidates, back to the main and will announce the new officer.
    • If there is NOT a majority, we will have the Section Adviser/Assoc Advisers hop into the individual breakouts to inform the lodge which candidates are still to be voted on and we will ask the lodge to discuss how they would like to vote again.
  • If there are multiple votes for one position due to not obtaining a majority on the first ballot, there will NOT be any additional videos or communication from the candidates.
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