Inductions Ceremony Resources Published!

The NOAC 2018 Exemplar ceremony videos have been posted to the Induction and Ceremony Events Portal:

Arromen, please direct your brothers to these great resources so that ceremonialists around the country can learn, grow, and improve their presentation of the ceremony for our candidates.


The Exemplar Program

The national Exemplar Recognition program challenges Arrowmen to develop role model skills in ceremonial service. Selected teams must consistently demonstrate near-perfect memorization and excellence in five additional skills, both in advance (on video) and in person (at a National Order of the Arrow Conference).

The 2018 finalists conducted their ceremonies and received evaluations at NOAC in front of large audiences of Arrowmen. Their cheerful service inspired and trained the many attendees who saw both their ceremonies and the feedback from expert evaluators. Now, ceremonialists throughout the Order can also view these Exemplar ceremonies along with the ceremonialists’ candid commentary.

Please note that the ceremonial texts these Exemplar ceremonialists used in their demonstrations are a now-outdated edition; the latest edition of the ceremonial texts can be found here on the Inductions Portal. Please keep this in mind as you view these videos and prepare for your own ceremonial work.

The Exemplar Ceremonies

The Exemplar teams agreed to allow their NOAC ceremonies to be posted online here on the Inductions Portal, to benefit any ceremonialist or adviser seeking good examples, new ideas, or simply inspiration.

No ceremony is ever perfect, and these teams will tell you theirs isn’t, either. But their devotion to candidates shines through even under the stress of an audience, multiple cameras, and a sleepless week of packed NOAC activity. Further, as you view these, remember that there is often more than one way to gesture effectively or to speak expressively in order to personify a principal. What you will see here is just how these ceremonialists chose to do express the words of the ceremonies—in harmony with their own strengths and personalities, but always mindful to personify the Order’s virtues through their principals.

After viewing these Exemplar models, you can—and should!—make your own choices on how to best exemplify your principal and convey the ceremony’s message to your candidates.

These resources are password-protected using Ordeal and Brotherhood level safeguarding. Please keep them safeguarded.

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